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If life passes us by faster than we expect, is there a way to slow it down? We explore the art of making every minute count by following BASE jumper Simon Guthrie as he is walking out of his job and up a mountain in New Zealand.

While few of us have the skills or the guts to jump off the edge of a waterfall with a parachute, it’s good to occasionally stop and think what makes us feel truly alive and ensure that the life we live is really what we want.

We explore this serious matter in a light-hearted way in the latest installment of our adventure film series “Beyond the Action”, filmed against the stunning backdrop of Rob Roy glacier near Wanaka and featuring a suitably bad-ass G-Class.

Executive Producer: Hadassa Haack

Producers: Jase Hancox, William Lascelles 

Directors: Jase Hancox, William Lascelles 

Original score/Sound mix/master: Danny Fairley

Narrative by: Simon Guthrie Jase Hancox

Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz:

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